Edunws is an education domain. And here people may check articles about their education and college or student news. Edunws started in January 2014. After starting this website, our visitors were increasing automatically. So this is the proof about our visitors that is they Love Edunws. And they love because Edunws team provides correct and useful education news to all readers.


Our website named Edunws was formed with a purpose to serve the candidates all over the world with information and news regarding the colleges, examinations, student, etc… The main motive of our website is to help the candidates who are in need of accurate and updated information regarding all the topics related to education.

What Do Edunws:

Our website serves a lot of candidates to reach their destination such as excellent schools, colleges, jobs, examinations, etc… We guide all the students through a right path which helps them to reach out in flying colors.

Our website is totally an education site that provides you all the information that you want regarding any of the institutes or examinations. We always keep on updating with the upcoming examinations regularly.

Our expert team makes sure that all the details we submit are absolutely correct and accurate. Our website is so friendly and visibly written that all the readers find it easy to understand and satisfied. Our website provides you all the necessary information regarding all the fields related to education.

Edunws for Readers:

Edunws is designed colorfully so that the students who visit our website automatically feel to read the article written in it. We have not messed up things untidily rather we have presented in a very sober manner that makes our readers satisfied and happy regarding their query. We provide 100% true information regarding all the topics.

We always recheck the articles many times to make sure that we have posted the correct information of all the topics. All the readers are invited to our website, read it carefully and we assure you that you will be satisfied with the information you needed. Our website has a team spirit and we work together to make it so convenient for the readers.

We are sure that all the readers who visit our site will be satisfied and happy about the information we provide you. Thanks to all.

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    My son got 123 marks in JEE Main and predicted marks in 12th 94% .and also i am belonging OBC CREAMY can I get NIT rank.



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