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Israel University persuading the Indian students

Israel University persuading the Indian students, How Israel is not there in the universities of west and east that are attracting Indian students? The budding Indian students are persuaded by the universities of Israel which has their name in the top 200 as it is the hottest performer in the sector of international higher education.… Read More »

Only four Indian universities counted in the list of world’s top universities

In the world’s top 300 universities, no university of India is in as calculated by the US education analysis and the news of ranking website US. In the world’s top universities, there is presence of only four universities of India as shown by the India-centric ranking of higher educational institutions which is prepared by the… Read More »

IIT-M signed a MoU with US Purdue University

For the conduction of a joint project for the management of doctoral candidates, a memorandum of understanding has currently signed by IIT-Madras with US Purdue University.  In future, a programme of PhD will be directed by both the institution’s representatives in this partnership.